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1946 GE G-55 Refrigerator restoration

June 1, 2014

I would like to thank Ralph Montenegro of Suncrest Refrigeration for the wonderful work on restoring my 1946 GE G-55 Refrigerator. I have had this refrigerator since 1975, almost 40 years, and had wanted to do a restoration on it for years.

I wanted to keep it as original as possible. I didn't want to change the condenser and evaporator to make it too modern, just put in a new compressor.
1946 GE G-55 Refrigerator restoration
1946 GE G-55 Refrigerator top mounted compressor

Most conversions mount the compressor underneath the unit. I didn't like that look. It took away from the original top compressor design.

I couldn't find anybody who wanted to work on these old units. There were many issues with " Just changing out the compressor".

When I asked Ralph to look at my project he was as excited about it as I have been. His knowledge and understanding of the older systems, and patience in solving the problems we had made it all work out wonderfully.

I now have a Antique Refrigerator with a near perfect restoration that I can count on it to make Ice and keep food cold for many years to come.

Thank you Ralph.
Sincerely ,
Daniel Bieg. Tucson AZ.

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